Solar Power


Solar PV

Solar PV installation at a Home

We provide customized Solar PV solutions for electricity needs. Our Solar power systems help to reduce electricity bills.

On Grid PV systems: They are connected to the grid. During sunshine, the solar power is tapped and hence reduce the electricity consumption. These systems operate without batteries and are economical with early ROI.

Off Grid PV systems: They are are not connected to Grid. They operate with batteries and hence storage of energy is possible. In addition to reduced electricity consumption, these systems also help to provide electricity to remote locations and to overcome power cuts. Off Grid Solar products such as Solar street lights, Solar sign boards, Solar tickers, Solar studs and Solar emergency lights work by this method.


Solar Thermal

SWH Installation @ a Hospital
SWH Installation @ a Hospital

We offer solar water heaters for Commercial and Residential applications.

Evacuated Tube Collector type: This type is suitable for water hardness up to 1500 PPM. Heating is done by accumulated heat in Evacuated tubes. ETC solar water heater is economical and perfect at Hard water locations.

Flat Plate Collector type: This type is suitable when water hardness is less than 200 PPM. Heating is done by insulated copper tubes. FPC solar water heater withstands high pressure water circulation, hence the best option for Pressure pump delivery.

Solar Water Heater Specifications