Stretch Ceiling


Our installation
Stretch Ceiling @ Hotel Gowri A/c Hall

Stretched fabric ceiling installation simply involves affixing a light weight, highly durable film or a decorative fabric that is made from high quality materials to a framing construction that will hold it stretched in place.

  • Our films are environmentally friendly, sound and energy efficient, non-allergenic, non-flammable, waterproof, durable, dust free, and easy to clean and maintain. Consequently, the material can be effortlessly mounted or relocated, without leaving any damage behind.
  • Our frames (profiles) can be created in a variety of shapes including rectangular, oval, flat, curved, or three dimensional.
  • Our membranes can be translucent or opaque. Film may also be layered or incorporate decorative lighting elements. Often a printed image is applied to the material, decorative wall panel, or 3D structure.


  • A back-lit fabric can create the extraordinary impression of a starry night, Renaissance stained glass window, or sunny southern sky.
  • A banner that uses this unique technology looks modern and high tech and will retain its fresh glossy look for years.
  • Stretch ceilings can be used anywhere, from residential dwellings to large sports or entertainment venues and public malls.
  • Suspended or mounted 3D framed structures and boxes are used by the world’s leading interior designers for lending a distinctive look to one of a kind buildings, exhibition halls, trade shows, and art venues.
  • It is a material option which inspires professionals and homeowners alike to create attractive and unique design concepts for concealing existing pipes, service fixtures and exposed roofs in addition to adding design elements.

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