Linear Lighting

 Lights installed at a home
Linear Lights installed at a home

LED lighting is the current and most flexible lighting technology which replaces all types of conventional lighting technologies like FTL, CFL, Sodium Vapor, and Incandescent Bulbs. LED Lights have become retail products like FTLs, and CFLs recently due to Price drops and technical advancements like improved CRI (Color Rendering Index) and luminous efficacies. Today we see very few CFL down lighters, Sodium Vapor Street lights and FTLs, as LED’s are taking their places with their low power consumption and reasonable drop in prices.

Linear Lighting is a recent progress in LED lighting Industry. Here instead of replacement of conventional lightings with LED fixtures, a new Generation of lighting has been developed. The idea is simple. You can decide and choose the dimensions, color, intensity, and dispersion of the lighting to be installed. Put it simply, you can create your own Lighting. Unlike Strip or Cove Lighting, it provides direct illumination without any visibility of LED’s. It provides a pleasant, uniform Lighting besides enhancing the Aesthetic looks of the Space.

Images shown here tell that this Generation of Lighting puts no Boundary to the imaginations of Architects and Interior Designers. These lights can be installed in any manner, Ceiling Mounting, Recess Mounting, Wall mounting, or Suspension Mounting

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