Concealed Lighting

LED Panel Lights Installed at a Hospital Conference Hall
LED Panel Lights Installed at a Hospital Conference Hall

Concealed Lighting is usually preferred where dim ambient lighting is necessary to enhance the beauty of the ambiance.

Concealed / recessed light or down light is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight.

LED Panel Lights are a stylish and economic lighting solution for offices and work space areas. They offer a flicker free instant start lighting solution that ensures comfortable working environment. They are available in different sizes from 60 mm to 600 mm diameter/length. They produce an even light without glare and are available in 3000K and 5700K. The 3000K option is recommended for Conference Halls, A/c Dining Halls, Jewelleries while 5700K (daylight) is ideal for work areas i.e production, assembly, office spaces and drawing rooms.

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