Heat pump based Water heaters


Smart Watt deals with Commercial Water Heaters that work combined with Heat pumps instead of Heating Elements. We are the Franchisee for Orb Energy, Bangalore.

Heat pump absorbs heat energy from the surrounding. The cold water in the small storage tank gets hot by this heat energy.

The capacity of the pump is rated by Expected temperature @ Number of litres per hour. For example, consider it is mentioned 60 degree celcius @ 100 litres per hour. Then we can draw 100 litres in an hour at average output water temperature of 60 degree celcius.


Substitute for commercial water heaters used in Hospitals, Hotels and Lodges.

In Factories, preliminary heating can be done by heat pumps before feeding to boilers.


70% power saving compared to electricity based water heaters

Round the clock hot water supply

Can be used together with Solar water heater, complimenting the benefits



Orb Heat pump specifications

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